Intellectual Property Online has been developing trademark management systems since 1997. Our flagship product, WebTMS is a trademark management suite that builds on record keeping and docketing to support efficient trademark management WebTMS offers software subscriptions, hosted systems and installed systems; so you can choose the best solution for managing your trademarks and related data. Click here to learn more about WebTMS solutions.

WebTMS was voted No. 1 in a recent review of trademark management software by the World Trademark Review. Click here to read more

WebTMS Subscription

Subscribe to the hosted ASP Version WebTMS Subscription

WebTMS Hosted

Have your WebTMS System hosted by us or on your own servers

WebTMS Installed

Install WebTMS on your own servers

Trademark Record Keeping

WebTMS is completely browser based and has been designed with user friendly screens to store all information related to your trademarks such as applications, registrations, searches, records, sample packaging etc.

Each record in WebTMS is displayed in full with specification of goods and services and multi-class capability. All records are linked with associated issues such as contracts, disputes, assignments, domain names, filing receipts, and registration certificates.

With direct links to numerous online trademark databases, you can use WebTMS to import and audit your trademark portfolio with information from trademark offices around the world

Docketing and Diary System

Our system provides automated date calculation for statutory deadlines such as renewals, Section 8 affidavits, ITU deadlines and other critical dates worldwide.

It also allows for personal reminders with

automatic calculation of date progressions. Every action can be assigned to the designated attorney or paralegal and rules for calculating dates are under user control.

WebTMS also has a wide selection of docket and diary reports and includes a report generator for the creation of custom reports. In addition, personalized reports can be run when you log in.

Trademark Management

With WebTMS you can evolve into a paperless practice. The system is built with integrated images for logos and design marks in full color or black and white.

To ensure accuracy, WebTMS also includes workflows for renewals, new filings and assignments that walk you through each process to avoid common errors. Additionally, WebTMS stores frequently used email letter and document templates for rapid communication.

Our software is the clear leader in trademark management systems. Flexible, highly scalable and incredibly intuitive, WebTMS enables you to choose the features that are most essential to your practice.