Inspirational INTA! Anticipation builds for Atlanta

Inspirational INTA! Anticipation builds for Atlanta

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As the international trade mark community prepares to descend on the city of Atlanta, Georgia, the Web TMS team is full of anticipation for this highlight of the IP calendar. As a business, we have had a presence at INTA for 25 years, but every event brings something new, as befits the fast-paced nature of the sector. This year, our team ranges from INTA veterans to first-timers and they all have different perspectives to share. We caught up with three of them to see what they’re looking forward to and how they’ll make the most of the event.

INTA first-timer Diana, who is WebTMS’ Sales and Training Specialist, is looking forward to getting back to the States, where she spent a year during her undergraduate degree. She’s also keen to network, saying: “I am an extrovert, and my social battery is always high, so I am excited about all the opportunities to socialise and network at all the events that will be taking place.” Diana has been pleasantly surprised by how open attendees are to meeting with her, as an early-career attendee: “You have this image when you start out that you are at the bottom of the food chain, but the days leading up to INTA have completely disproved this. So many IP professionals have responded ‘yes’ to my invitations to meet and so many others have invited me to meet 1-to-1.”

Meeting clients in-person is something Senior Developer and Project Manager Richard looks forward to as he attends his sixth INTA meeting: “I enjoy the travel and putting faces to the names I’ve built relationships with in the course of my role over the years, as well as spending some quality time with international colleagues who I don’t get to see very often.”

Business Development Manager Samantha, is attending her third INTA, and also likes spending time with colleagues: “It’s a team bonding experience in general, as we do a team dinner, we are on the booth all day together, then usually in the evenings at receptions, too. You really get to know each other (for better or worse!)”

Why INTA is a must-attend for WebTMS

INTA is a staple on WebTMS’ calendar, as Richard explains: “It’s the biggest opportunity of the year for us to meet clients in person, demo new features and push the WebTMS name through the industry.” Having technical expertise at the event also pays dividends: “Potential clients will sometimes have specific questions on the infrastructure or security features that we are able to answer, and if there is a discussion on migrations then it is very helpful for a tech person to be able to have that discussion in person.”

Samantha feels that the international aspect is crucial: “It brings people in the IP profession together from all over the world. It gives our clients uninterrupted time with us to discuss their needs. We can also make meetings with other complementary service providers as we explore offering more integrations and features based on clients’ needs.”

More than a meeting

INTA is such a diverse event, and there are opportunities for WebTMS attendees to contribute to its overall impact in numerous ways.

Richard is a keen photographer, and this year he has a submission in INTA’s inaugural photography exhibition, which aims to celebrate the creativity of the INTA community. The images will be auctioned during the event to raise money for the INTA Foundation charity.

Samantha and WebTMS Regional Manager Michael Ullman are both on the INTA Trademark Administrators’ Committee and have been working hard in their roles. Samantha is on the Certification subcommittee: “We have been working really hard to bring something very exciting to INTA and I’m excited to see how our work positively impacts the paralegal committee. I’m sure Michael feels the same, particularly as he is on the Promotions subcommittee.”

On the subject of trade mark administrators, Samantha feels that it would benefit the community if more paralegals and administrators attended INTA, especially as they are often the day-to-day users of technology solutions: “For IP teams looking for new service providers, it’s a fantastic opportunity for paralegals to do their research, fit in demonstrations or seek updates from current suppliers. There are also seminars, some specifically for paralegals. The TMA Committee is working hard to put in place resources to help paralegals justify to their seniors that they attend INTA and TMAP.”

Top tips

Richard and Samantha believe preparation is key to a good (and healthy) INTA. “Make sure you research what is available around your hotel for getting water and snacks,” says Sam. “You cannot survive on coffee alone!”. “Make sure you sleep well and get plenty of rest in the days leading up to it,” adds Richard, “you won’t be getting much rest while you’re there.” Diana is taking all this advice on board: “I am an experienced napper, so sleeping on the plane or on breaks will be a must for me!”

Comfortable shoes are anabsolute must – as you’ll cover a lot of miles – alongside your digital support kit of power banks, adapters and chargers. First-timers are advised to pace themselves: “you’ll work hard but play hard too. It’s long days, even if you’re not out until the early hours at the famous Chadha & Chadha reception!”

What’s in store at the WebTMS stand?

Visitors to WebTMS on Stand 834 can expect to learn about our recent upgrades, discover features you might not know about, and hear about our technology roadmap. We’ll be there to listen to your feedback and explore pain points and challenges with prospective clients.

Of course, WebTMS’ famous chocolates will also be available for all visitors alongside a warm welcome from everyone in the team. As Diana puts it: “Chocolates aside, our entire team pours their soul into what we do, and we offer much more than technical and practical knowledge, sharing our real-world experience that helps us understand your practice and your needs.”

We can’t wait to see you at INTA!