Case Studies - Trademark Attorneys

Case Study 1 – Sole Practitioner

We had an enquiry from a newly established sole practitioner who at the current time had less than 30 cases to manage. Even though it was likely to grow, it would usually be hard to justify the cost of acquiring a system for this amount of cases. Additionally, when you are just setting up your practice, costs are going to be a high priority whilst still finding a system that you actually like. Given the scalable costs of the WebTMS SaaS option, we were able to provide a cost effective solution that still has all the features used by large global law firms. We don’t cut out features whilst cutting costs.

Case Study 2 – Large, Global, Multi location law firm

This large law firm has local teams based all over the world and each local team handles the prosecution, admin and maintenance of their own territory. All the locations combined create the entire global portfolio which each location needs to see. In this instance WebTMS was a perfect fit because the system is web based, so firstly, the issue of location is neutralised because you can have 100 users spread across the globe accessing the same database. The next requirement was the ability to edit groups of specific records whilst still being able to view the complete global portfolio. Within WebTMS this is simple to do as we can create partitions for each group or country which then allows us to give them full rights to their own records and view only rights for the rest of the portfolio. WebTMS is inherently flexible; if you think you have an insurmountable logistical problem, please get in touch as we will be able to recommend a solution for you.

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