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A Quick note about our IP modules – All IP Modules below come with the ability to enter and monitor deadlines and review dates. It is also possible to upload any electronic documents to any record type


Trademark Records

Create full trademark records, either manually or by importing the data from over 180 trademark jurisdictions. WebTMS will automatically calculate maintenance deadlines e.g. your next renewal due, non-use date, DIU’s Sec 8 & 15 (USA) and more, for all trademark jurisdictions. Audit core trademark details from over 180 trademark jurisdictions.


Contract records can be created for all types; e.g. Agreements, Consents, Licensees, Undertakings. Additionally, you can link your trademark rights to these records to enhance the management of your portfolio and you can even create your own contract type should it be required.


Dispute records can be created for all types; e.g. Cancellations, Infringements, Oppositions.  Additionally, you can link your trademark rights to these records to enhance the management of your portfolio and you can even create your own dispute type should it be required.

Assignments and Change of Name

Keep tabs on managing the transfer of rights and the amendment of names and addresses. You can also link all trademark records included in each assignment to assist in the overview and management.

Case Management

General case management can be used for other types of cases that do not ‘fit’ within the other IP modules. You can also create your own case management type.

Clearance Search

Create records containing all important details surrounding clearance searches with the ability to log relevant citations and also link to the trademark record(s) that were filed as a result of the search.

Companies & Contacts

Store full details of all types of companies, with the ability to add multiple addresses, contacts, and classifications.

Other Party Trademarks

Keep details of other party trademark records that can be referred to in Contracts, Disputes, and Searches.


Create and manage your patent records.

Domain Names

Create and manage your domain name portfolios with all relevant fields. You can also link any corresponding trademark rights.

Registered Designs

Create and manage your Designs portfolios, with the ability to store many images against each record so you can see all the views in one place.

Customs Recordations

Create and manage your customs registrations lodged with the border authorities with the ability to also link corresponding trademark rights.


Create and manage your copyrights, with direct links to the official US records to view the online details.


If there is a specific module or function that you would like WebTMS to create for you please do get in touch.

Data Sync

A feature that allows automate updates to your trademark records by linking directly to data from 180 jurisdictions. You can enable Data Sync for some, or all, of your records, depending on your preference. You can also quickly view records that have been automatically updated and see full audit history showing previous and current data, for all historic Data Sync updates.

Client access

Grant your clients access to just their records within your system. Within the filters already applied to see just their records, you can also select which parts of the system they can view, e.g. just trademarks, or trademarks and disputes and so on. As a brand owner, you can actually utilise the client access tool for other departments in your company to log into the system and communicate through the system by sending new search and or filing instructions.

E-docket (deadline diary report)

As well as being able to see all your deadlines and reminders on the dashboard and setup automatic diary reports that are delivered to specific individuals, WebTMS also has the option of simply going straight into the system and running an ad-hoc diary report. The options are very comprehensive so you can get just the dates you are looking for.

Cost Tracking

A simple feature that allows users to keep tabs on the amount of money spent on a case. This data can then be manipulated to run various costing reports.

Template Creator

Create an endless amount of standard letter templates in MS Word format, or in email format to be sent directly from WebTMS. This helps keep consistency as well as saving time rewriting letters.

New Trade Mark Filing Project

For large multi-country trade mark filing projects, create multiple trademark records quickly and efficiently by providing the basic information once but with all the countries you wish to file in.

Renewal Reports

WebTMS will guide you through some easy to follow steps to help you run the essential maintenance deadline reports you require.

Multi IP Search

If you need to report on your clients IP rights across different types of protection you can. No longer will you have to create several different reports and try to stitch them together manually, in WebTMS you can pull results together from the different IP modules and combine the results in one report.

Document Search

Because you can upload documents to any cases, we have provided a powerful tool that lets you search for documents. An Example might be if you needed all Registration Certificates that you have uploaded for a certain client.  Perhaps you need to find an email exchange between a particular time frame.

Agent Access

You can allow your network of agents edit access to the WebTMS records they are responsible for.  The agents can then enter any key details as well as deadline dates as soon as they become available. You can also track any changes they make.

Assignment Project

If you are coordinating a medium to large assignment project spanning multiple countries and involving many trademarks, WebTMS will guide you through the record creation process so that you have an assignment record in place for each jurisdiction as well as linking all the trademark records involved in that assignment.

New Design Filing Project

For large multi-country design filing projects, create multiple design records quickly and efficiently by providing the basic information once but with all the countries you wish to file in.

Search Administration

If you are co-ordinating a medium to large clearance search project spanning multiple countries, WebTMS will guide you through the record creation process so that you have a search record in place for each jurisdiction.

DIY Report Builder

Although we provide users with 50+ reports over all IP modules, we know that sometimes clients can want something particular, so we include this tool that allows you to create limitless new layouts containing the exact data and styling you need.

Data Import

WebTMS has access to 180 online trade mark  jurisdictions, this means you can download official trademark data and create full trademark records. This can be done on a per record basis if you know the application number and country, or you can import multiple records at once by searching on fields such as owner, agent, trademark, and more. An excellent tool if you acquire a new portfolio and you want to add all of the marks swiftly with trusted data.


For the ‘Super User’ aka System Administrator of the team, the utilities section of WebTMS gives access to ‘soft’ customisations that will enable you to optimise the performance of the system to suit your unique needs e.g. setting up automatic workflow prompts, adding your own classifications, country groups, business identifiers and much more. We also store all the country rules and the different trademark systems that countries belong to.

Duplicate data removal

In order to keep effective records, we need to be able to clean up once in a while. In the perfect world we wouldn’t enter unique data more than once and we wouldn’t create ‘almost similar’ trademark records. Inevitably, this does happen but using the WebTMS duplicate data removal tool, we can clear off ‘dead wood’ swiftly and efficiently.

Automatic Diary

The viewing (via dashboard) and delivery (via email) of all deadlines and review dates of your choice. An essential tool and ultimate safety net to ensure deadlines are not missed. Tell WebTMS what upcoming dates you are interested in and how far into the future you would like to see those dates. As well as instantly seeing your upcoming deadlines on your dashboard you will also receive email diary reports showing you what is coming up that you need to handle.


*COMING SOON* – The ability to select any language as your default viewing language.

My Profile

Within My Profile you can customise your experience of using WebTMS by choosing your own layout of record screens, reporting screens and more

Security Settings

For creation and modification of different users. Users can have different rights ranging from View Only to Administrator, in addition, we can also grant users access to some modules and not others.

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