What our users say…

What our users say…


We have appreciated WebTMS and, had I remained in practice after this year, we would have happily continued with your service indefinitely.

Mark Nielsen
Law Office of Mark J. Nielsen



Our WebTMS system was installed in 2005 and we now have over 24,000 records. It accommodates all of our needs and is so user friendly, that anyone new to the system quickly gets the hang of it.

I particularly like that it is accessible from anywhere which makes working off site easy. Especially if the documents you need are attached to the record, and that it is easy to compile and run off well presented reports.

Frances Harding
Director of Trade Marks
EMI Group Limited



We converted our intellectual property portfolio to the hosted WebTMS application in August 2011, and must say that the interactive docket is a great tool. It reports deadlines and reminders for trademarks, contracts, and disputes. Additionally, the search capability in each module permits sub-searches based on the last search results, inclusive and exclusive of user-specified fields, so drill down searching is both convenient and fast.

There are many pre-defined reports in the system but we have also created numerous custom reports for each module, with minimal effort. Tech support is very responsive when there is an issue or we have a question as well. We are very pleased with WebTMS’ functionality and speed as well as its accessibility from any location. The new mobile website and integration with Outlook email are both time savers.

De Ann Freitag
Senior IP Paralegal
Del Monte Corporation



As a new user to WebTMS, the Outlook add-in function is an excellent addition to the database. …it’s addicting! WebTMS Outlook add-in allows me to save time and reduce the amount lingering emails in my inbox. With a few clicks my emails and attachments are immediately sent to individual records within the trademark database without having to login.

Korto Lyons
Trademark & Domain Administrator
Emerson Electric Co.



Having worked with the team at WebTMS for over a decade I am well placed to speak to the longevity of the team and their commitment to providing dedicated support for the IP management database user.

I have found the database to be robust and reliable and unusually an out of the box system caters for all of our complex IP record keeping requirements. Over the years it has been delightful to work with our dedicated support contact and also see the team at IPOnline take on-board ideas and suggestions; and in several cases see our own suggestions come to fruition and be rolled out to all users of the system.

Steven Jennings
Trade Mark Counsel
Lewis Silkin LLP



I was part of the group at our firm that looked at other systems before we purchased IPPO in 2001.  We decided to go with IPPO because it was written by people who understood what we do.  I have been an IPPO Administrator since we acquired the system and can say that it is user friendly.  Searches are easy to do.  The Business Group Field is a big help when we need to separate out certain client portfolios in searches and reports.  As an Administrator it’s great to have the ability to batch update records, and the Duplicate Removal Wizard has made the clean-up of records so much easier.

Diana O’Neill
Legal Assistant / Senior IPPO Administrator / Coordinator of Training
Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C.



I have been in charge of the IPPO database and the application at my firm for more than twelve years and am greatly impressed by the design and performance of the database, the flexibility of the application, and the excellent customer support.I have been always able to rely on WebTMS knowledgeable, experienced and responsive staff. With its regular and timely updates, as well as a range of available customizations, IPPO is an excellent product suitable for the high level of legal services which we offer to our clients, and I highly recommend it.

Yelena Kraytserova
Database Administrator
Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C.



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