Coming soon – IP News from USA & Tech

Coming soon – IP News from USA & Tech

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New US Focused Feature

Many of our valued clients are US based, with many more (if not all) managing US portfolios through their trusted agents. We’re excited to announce a new quarterly feature. We will be working with a writer specializing in IP, who previously practiced IP law for 15 years, to bring our readers insight on interesting US case law and registry developments, as well as a different voice on general IP topics.

WebTMS Technical Team Guest Posts

We will also be taking advantage of the breadth of knowledge in our WebTMS Technical Team with guest posts that bring current technology affairs into a digestible format in relation to IP management, cutting through the media noise. The WebTMS Technical Team work closely with our clients and have a real understanding of how technology and IP portfolio management live hand in hand, so the marketing team look forward to expanding their own knowledge!

Our blog posts are always well received and engaged with, so we’re looking forward to increasing the regularity and number of our blog posts this year.

If there are any topics in particular you may wish for WebTMS to cover, please do reach out to us at [email protected]