WebTMS Webinar – ”Did you know…”

WebTMS Webinar – ”Did you know…”

Nov 19 - Nov 19

WebTMS Webinar – ”Did you know…”

Important fundamentals for all WebTMS users. 
In this session
we will show you key functionality that all users should know:


•    My Dockets – setup and use
•    Global Search
•    Simple Workflows creation
•    Multi value in same field searching e.g. a string of reg numbers, more than one trade mark etc
•    Locating exact companies
•    Using ‘Zoom screen’ for multi-value selection e.g. countries




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Friday, 19th November 2021


8 am GMT / 9 am CET / 7 pm AET


11 am GMT / 12 pm CET

5 pm GMT / 12 pm ET / 9 am PT

We look forward to seeing you there.