Webinar – Using workflows to monitor records

Webinar – Using workflows to monitor records

Jul 1 - Jul 1


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In our upcoming webinar we’ll demonstrate adding workflows to the lifecycle of your WebTMS IP cases so you won’t lose sight of any case, ever again!


This session will cover the following points: 

  • Deadline Reminders

  • Record Reminders

  • Automatic Diary



Please click on one of the links below to sign up for the webinar:

Wednesday 1st July at 8 am BST,  9 am CEST, 5 pm AEST: https://secure.webtms.com/registration/webinar.aspx?id=0004700098

Wednesday 1st July at 11 am, BST, 12 pm CEST:

Wednesday 1st July at 5 pm BST, 12 pm EDT and 9 am PDT – Pacific Standard Time:  https://secure.webtms.com/registration/webinar.aspx?id=0004700100

We look forward to seeing you there.