Why WebTMS?

Why WebTMS?

Patent Office Connectivity

One of the unique features of the WebTMS system is its ability to link directly to the online Patent Office trademark databases in more than 30 jurisdictions with more added as they become available. These links provide:

  • A direct link from your trademark record to the corresponding record in the national Patent Office database.
  • For the USPTO direct links to TESS, TARR, TDR for documents in the file wrapper, TTAB and Assignments.
  • An audit feature which displays and compares, side by side, the core data in your record and the corresponding data in the Patent Office record; differences are highlighted and one click corrects and updates your record automatically.
  • A data download feature. This allows you to search Patent Office databases by owner, agent, serial or registration numbers or trademark and load the records into WebTMS without re-typing the data.

Agent Access

The Agent Access module allows for co-operative record maintenance. With WebTMS, you don’t even have to keep your trademark records up to date. Your Agents can do it for you.

Your Agents or outside Counsel use the Agent Update Module to maintain the applications and registrations for which they are responsible. They update your records directly through specially designed input screens, removing the burden from your own staff.

They can also upload digital files such as pdfs, or images of filing receipts, registration certificates and other materials, giving you immediate access to critical supporting documents.

The administration wizard makes it easy to set up and monitor the system, and an audit trail tracks the Agent’s activities.

Agents can also be given read only access to your entire trademark portfolio, to gather information in support of oppositions and infringement cases. They can keep their own docket, and add dates to yours. They can run and print reports.

Client Access

Keeping your clients up to date with the progress of their cases is an important part of your professional responsibility. The WebTMS Client Access module makes it easy.

With the Client Access Module you can give your clients (or your marketing departments and subsidiaries) read only access to the core data of your records of their cases. They can log on and check the progress and current status of each of their cases, print reports and listings, check deadlines and follow up reminders, at any time, from anywhere.

Put a link on your web site or give them direct access to WebTMS. Client access is available from any PC or Mac, and from many mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones

Client instruction wizard:
Now your clients can log on to WebTMS and give you instructions for

  • Trademark searches
  • Trademark filings
  • Registered Design filings

Each wizard prompts the client for the information required then passes to WebTMS for your review and further handling


Worldwide Access

Worldwide, 24/7 access to your cases. Our servers run 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you can log on to the internet you can use the system. You and all other users can work in the office, on the road, at home in the airport, at client sites or at your favorite cybercafé. Use any PC/Mac and most Tablets and Smartphones

You can have access to all modules and wizards and all the functionality of the system. You are always just a few clicks from your records.