Trademark Workflows

Trademark Management Workflows

WebTMS provides the following tools to help manage your registration and filing processes and make your practice run smoothly. Contact your regional representative for more information about the system


The eDiary/Docket WebTMS allows you to store a variety of critical deadlines, follow up dates and reminders for each record in the system. Personal reminders can be combined with automatically calculated statutory deadlines and date progressions to ensure that your “to-do” list is always up to date. The Diary Wizard provides a variety of standard and custom reports.

You can review and update docketing and reminder dates from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Print reminder lists, diaries and to-do lists and administer individual and firm wide dockets (automatic email notifications).

Microsoft Word® Merge & eMail Templates

Create and store merge documents, email templates and reports using HTML and Word. Easy step by step procedure to produce DTP quality results. Handles images, headers and footers. Can be used on-line in the Office or from anywhere.

Attached Documents

A quick way to find, view and print attached documents within any module in the system


A sophisticated report generator for listings and columnar reports; can be used online, in the office or from remote sites.

Data Imports

Imports trademark data from a variety of online Patent Office databases and from the Marquesa Web search site, with the full text of the goods and the images for logos and device marks. The Wizard also helps to clean up the imported data, and to add additional information to each trademark record. Jurisdictions covered include Australia, Canada, CTM, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Philippines, Switzerland, UK, USA and WIPO and more

New Filings

The WebTMS New Filings Wizard automates the process of creating records and emailing instruction letters for filing a trademark application in multiple countries. Details of the Applicant, Client, Trademark, classes and goods are entered once.

Agents are pre-selected and the user is prompted for whatever additional country specific information may be required. WebTMS then creates the required records in the Trademark Records Module, prepares the instruction letter to each Agent, and makes appropriate Diary entries for follow up.

Registered Designs Filing

Step by step instructions for preparing registered design applications

Trademark Searches Administration

This module assists with managing trademark screening, clearance searches and citations. The contracts module has document attachment capability with direct links for quick viewing of photographs of conflicting products and packaging and related documents.

Searches administration Wizard

Step by step instructions for preparing multi mark and country trademark search instructions


Organizes and administers the renewal cycle; prepares internal and client renewal listings and record sheets.

Utility Workflow to update and maintain the validation tables, date rules and country law files.

Assignments Workflow

Administers multi country, assignment projects and prepares the necessary documents for transfers of title and recording with local patent offices

Cross Module reporting

Searches across all system data modules for all clients, matters and for data conflict management

Attached Documents

Locate and print all attached files and documents linked to records in the data storage modules


Create custom reports in all modules

Document library

Organize and track merge documents, letters and reports

Duplicate removal

Remove duplicate and redundant data in all main data modules

Utility Wizard

Maintain the validation tables and control system configuration options

Security Wizard

Set up users and assign levels of user access to the system