Technical Details

Technical Details

MS SQL Server Database

WebTMS is powered by the Microsoft SQL Server database, representing the standard for heavy duty data handling and web integration. Using inexpensive servers, WebTMS can easily handle trademark portfolios counting from a few hundred marks to 1,000,000 or more.

Thin Client, browser based

WebTMS is a thin client system, with all of the software residing on the server. This means that the system and all of its features can be accessed and used from any PC or Mac computer, without installing any software on the workstation. This removes a substantial administrative burden from your IT department, and enables any authorized user to use the system over the internet from any suitable PC, Mac, Internet capable Mobile device or Tablet anywhere, anytime.

Multi-user, multi-office

All of your IP staff, wherever located, can share the same copy of WebTMS on your office network, company wide intranet or over the Internet. All of your records are in one database, giving your staff unprecedented access to your critical IP records. The single record set configuration provides one firm-wide set of records, which anyone with edit privileges can update and amend. Practices with regional offices can opt for multi-office partitioning, which allows each of your offices to control its own set of records, which only they can edit and amend, but which everyone can see.

Displays all character sets

WebTMS uses unicode, which allows the system to store data in Chinese, Katakana, Arabic, Cyrillic and many other non-Roman character sets. This data can be displayed on screen along with Roman characters, and can be printed in reports and merged into Word documents.

Automatic Date Calculation

WebTMS has a powerful date calculation engine which can be used to calculate statutory deadlines such as renewal due and affidavit due dates and user defined deadlines such as target and follow up dates. The system can also handle date progressions.

Extensive Docketing Facilities

The “Actions” module of WebTMS allows the user to store a variety of critical deadlines, follow up dates and reminders for each record in the system. Personal one-off reminders can be combined with automatically calculated statutory deadlines and date progressions to ensure that your “to do” list is always up to date. The Diary Wizard provides a variety of standard and custom reports.

On-line Reports

WebTMS comes with a library of standard reports for each module. The users can also set up their own custom reports. All of the reports can be viewed and printed on-line from wherever the system is accessed.

On-line Report Generator

A powerful report generator is available for use on-line, so that any authorized user working from home, or at a client site can set up and run a customized report.

On-line HTML/Word Merges

Document templates and Merge documents using Microsoft Word can also be set up and run on-line from any location. Telecommuters have all the power of WebTMS available to them as if they were in the office.

Batch Updates

The user can search for and select one or more records, and then batch update one or more fields in the selected records automatically.

Copy Record Feature

A record copy facility is available to assist with the creation of similar records. An existing record is copied, and then the user can change a few fields to create a new entry.

Display and Print Images

Images of logos, design marks, patent and registered design drawings are carried in WebTMS as part of the relevant record. All images can be included in standard and custom reports and Word merge documents. “Pre-programming” makes it easy for users to create their own reports and documents containing images.

Integrated Document Management

Users can attach any number of documents in electronic format to any record in any module in WebTMS. Most file formats are supported, and Adobe .pdf files are recommended. Filing receipts, registration and renewal certificates, affidavits, photographs of product packaging and many other images can be referenced from the relevant record. References to Word documents and web pages are also supported. This feature is also compatible with most third party Document Management Systems.