Trademark Management Solutions

WebTMS is offered as an online software subscription, a virtually hosted system or as software installed in-house. This enables you to choose the trademark management system appropriate for your firm or corporate legal department. Learn more about managing trademark records in with our online trademark management system or sign up for a free trial.

WebTMS Online Subscription

  • Your trademark data stored on WebTMS servers
  • Access and edit  your trademarks from any PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet
  • No investment in hardware, software or tech support required
  • No system maintenance – we enhance and upgrade the system on a regular basis
  • Subscriptions start at 500 records, Pay only for the number of records, features, and users you need



WebTMS Online Hosted

  • Purchase a perpetual WebTMS license and host your data on servers of your choice
  • Adapt the software to fit your requirements
  • No investment in hardware or tech support required
  • No need to buy and manage a high tech infrastructure
  • No installation, in-house IT department or expertise needed


WebTMS Installed

  • Purchase a perpetual WebTMS license and install WebTMS on your own servers
  • Run the system in your own environment
  • Integrate it with your document management, accounting and other in-house systems
  • Customize the system to meet your own requirements