For a WebTMS Subscription or installation of WebTMS on your own servers

Read, write and create records in all standard modules; with Wizards and reports; all the functionality of a client/server system. Prices are based on the number of records in your portfolio, and the number of users.

Price Guides may vary depending on your geographical region. Please contact your regional representative for a detailed pricelist.

Additional options such as the Client Access Module and the Agent Update Module are charged separately.

How we count records

The cost of the WebTMS system is based on the number of records you store in the system, and the number of users. The current record count and the subscription level are displayed on the Main Menu.The record count is based on the number of individual records in the following modules:

  • Trademark Records
  • Contracts
  • Disputes
  • Assignments
  • Case Management
  • Searches
  • Companies & Contacts (Names, addresses and contacts)
  • Domain Names
  • Customs Recordations
  • Registered Designs


* Because we count names and addresses separately, details of one trademark application or registration may count as two or more records:

A typical trademark record will contain the name and address of the owner, so would count as two records. However, additional records for marks in name of the same owner would only count as one record as we have already counted the Owner. So if your client owns 50 trademarks, there would be 51 records.