Trademark Management

Trademark Management and Docketing

WebTMS stores and manages the following information.

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Trademark Management and Record Keeping

Your WebTMS trademark records will include; integrated images for trademark logos, multiple class listings, a full specification of goods, intra-office memos and personal notes. It also performs critical date calculations, extensive docketing for case tracking and personal reminders.

WebTMS offers the ability to keep extensive records of your trademark applications and registrations with Online Data Import from over 150 online trademark databases for quick referencing, trademark audits and trademark data downloads. To see a complete list of trademark databases to which WebTMS connects, click here.

Attachments can be added to each trademark record for storage of filing receipts, labels, pictures of product packaging, publication notices, registration and renewal certificates, affidavits of use and all other critical documents.

The Trademark Records Module is cross indexed with the companies and contacts, disputes, contracts, assignments and trademark searches administration modules.

Special Features: Document Attachment
Cross indexing

Other Party Trademarks Module

A separate database to store the details of Other Party trademark applications and registrations, for reference, validation and cross indexing.

Companies & Contacts

A database of Names, Addresses, Contact information and Company profiles for all entities related to your trademark records. This module is capable of multiple address handling; classification systems and Agent management.


WebTMS offers the ability to document and store information about your Oppositions, Infringements, Unfair Competition and Policing activities. This module also has document attachment capability for record storage and immediate access to pictures of infringing products, packaging and related files

Special Features: Document Attachment


For storage of Terms of Use, Agreements, Consents, Licenses, Registered User Agreements, Prior Rights Declarations and Settlement Agreements. The contracts module has document attachment capability with direct links for quick viewing of the full text of Agreement and other documents. You can store and use Microsoft Word® merge templates and email templates or for your frequently used correspondence

Special Features: Document Attachment
Document and email Templates


The WebTMS Assignments module stores records of your Assignments, Transfers of title, Mergers and Name Changes. It has Microsoft Word® merge capability which allows you to use Microsoft Word® templates for rapid creation of assignment documents.

The assignments module has document attachment capability with direct links for quick viewing of Deeds of Assignment and other associated documents.

Special Features: Document Attachment
Document Templates

Domain Names

Stores full text records of internet domain name registrations. This data module is cross indexed with your trademark records; and contains links to Registrar’s sites.

It is capable of full docketing and renewal due reminders and is integrated with the trademark records; disputes, amendments and transfers. The Domain Name Module has full reporting and Email templates, and Microsoft Word® merge features. You can also attach documents for one click viewing of related files.

Registered Designs

Full text records with integrated images for national, RCD and International (Hague) registered designs; renewal due date calculation engine. This module allows you to create reports and use Email templates, and Microsoft Word® merge features with and the ability to attach documents.

Special Features: Document Attachment
Document Templates

Cost Tracking

A ledger system to record all invoices and other expenses relating to any case in the system. Includes currency conversion and integrates with all other modules. The Cost Tracking module allows for extensive analysis and reports. It can also record the costs of applications and renewals. The Cost Tracking module can be used in conjunction with the Agent Update module for receiving and tracking agent invoices.

Case Management Module

This holds a summary of information for all types of IP related and other general files . You define what file types are necessary for your files.  This module includes document attachment capability with direct links for one click viewing of other documents.

Special Features: Document Attachment

Trademark Profile Module

A master list of trademark templates used to create, organize and validate logos and design. Using trademark profiles helps accurately document records of similar trademarks. It eliminates the need to retype the same information repeatedly and minimizes the chances of error in data entry

This module is linked to the Trademark records database to reduce record duplications.