Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

WebTMS provides the following collaboration tools to facilitate communication with your clients, agents, accounting and/ or marketing department. Contact your regional representative for more information about the system.

Agent Update module

Give your foreign agents and outside counsel access to keep your records up to date for the TM applications they are handling for you.

Enable your Agents world-wide to review, update and maintain your records of key application and renewal information for the matters which they handle. The Agent Update module comes with an audit trail for all amendments made by the Agents and with extensive administration features.

At your request, this module can be linked with the Cost Tracking module for receiving and tracking agent invoices

Client Access Module

Give your clients, outside counsel, divisions and subsidiaries secure, read only access to key data in selected Modules, allowing them to track the progress of cases and print reports and listing locally. You determine which modules each Client can see. This can be used in conjunction with WebTMS mobile.

Client Instruction

A series of workflows for use by your clients to enable them to give you online instructions for trademark searches, and for filing trademarks and registered designs. The workflows are accessible from the Client Access Module and are fully integrated with the WebTMS system.

Client Search instruction wizard

Enables your client or marketing department to log on to WebTMS and give instructions and required information for trademark searches.

Client trademark filing instructions wizard

Prompts your client to provide all necessary information for filing trademark applications and loads data into the trademark system.