WebTMS Webinar – Tips and Tricks by Nick March

WebTMS Webinar

In this month’s webinar we’ll be looking at some advanced system options and useful tips that will assist in maximising the efficiency of WebTMS, such as: 


·                   Link searching

·                   Searching within previous search results

·                   Tab key search functionality

·                   The jumpbox feature

·                   Optional settings


WebTMS will be running three identical sessions covering the topics above. The sessions will last 45 minutes each, including a Q and A session at the end.   

REGISTRATION – Please click on your preferred registration date, this will automatically inform us of your attendance. Nearer the time, you will receive an e-mail with joining instructions.   

·         Tuesday September 9th @ 8am BST (9am CET)

·         Tuesday September 9th @ 11am BST 

·         Thursday September 11th @ 5pm BST (9am PDT & MST, 12 Noon EDT)


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