WebTMS Software Update Incoming by Nick March

The next major update to WebTMS is nearly here and, as well as various bug fixes, is bringing with it a host of new features. So while the development team are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, why don’t we take a look at the notable additions. The update is due to be released at the end of May/beginning of June.

Module Security

An additional wizard is now available to allow you to select security levels per module for each user. This allows you to set an overall security level on a user, and then limit their access in other selected modules. For Example, you could create a user that can delete records in most modules but limit them in trademarks and companies only to editing and creating new records.

Update to Scanned Documents Wizard search pages

This update adds several new search criteria to the Scanned Documents Wizard. You can now search for emails on the following fields:

– Email Priority
– Email Attachments
– Email Date
– Email CC
– Email To
– Email From
– Uploaded By
– Document Size (MB)

Owner Status added to the search screens

This update adds the Owner Status to search screens within the modules Assignments, Contracts and Disputes.

Scan Documents: link to previous files

This update grants the ability to easily link a previously uploaded document to another record. To do this open the ‘Add Scanned Document’ dialog as if uploading a new scanned document and click the “Select a file that has already been Uploaded” link, then use the search screen that appears to locate the required document.

Copy WIPO Renewal Date to National records

This patch adds the ability to copy WIPO Next Renewal Due actions to the national records.

DocX Word Merge

This patch adds the ability to use standard .docx files for Word merging, without the need for uploading any additional files.

Where before you would have to save the record as a .htm document and then upload both it and the contents of the ‘_Files’ folder, now you can save it as a .docx file and upload just that. This simplifies the process considerably.

New Sub Reports

New sub report for Prior Registrations only in the Trademarks module:

– TM Prior Registrations
– TM Prior Registrations (No Labels)

New Other Party Owner sub reports in the Disputes module:

– OP TM Inc. Owner
– OP TM Inc. Owner (Local Language)
– OP TM Inc. Owner (No labels)
– OP TM Inc. Owner (No Labels, Local Language)

Sub reports within single cells

Sub reports can now be placed within single cells in custom reports. Used for Excel exporting/sorting, this allows you to include the sub reports in custom reports you intend to run as Excel reports without worrying that the format will alter.

Search National Classes

The ability to search on National Classes in the Trademarks module has been added.

Batch update Trademark Regions

The ability to batch update the Trademark Region within every module has been added.

Click-through for Copyrights records

 A click-through to the US Copyright registry has now been added to the system.

Adding new Norway PTO download link

You can now download records from the Norway PTO.

Custom Excel report headers

You can now add customised headers/titles to Excel exports. Unlike previously when you would receive only the name of the field, now if you set up custom field headers these will now also be retained when the report is run as an Excel report.

Optional custom report footers

You now have the ability to add a custom/fixed footer, either during custom report creation or directly from the standard reports menu.

Copy Owner to Client

You can now set Owner and Client as the same company in one click.

Updated User Manuals

The user manuals have been updated and are now fully online. The link still appears in the same place in the Utility Wizard.

ISBN added to Copyright search screen

The ability to search on ISBN in the Copyrights module has been added.

Statistical Report changed to 10 years

This patch changes the printed report for the application statistical report to display the found 10 year list instead of the previous 3 years.

‘.mov’ files now accepted for upload 

You can now upload files with a .mov extension to the system.

Autosave on ‘Print’

When using the ‘Print’ button to navigate away from an individual record, the record will now be automatically saved, preventing accidental loss of changes.

Next Renewal date on Agent Update screen

The ‘Next Renewal Due’ will now be shown more prominently on the Agent update record screens.

Document Category on Client screens

The ‘Document Category’ field is now visible in the scanned documents section for Client Access users.

Drop-down list zoom

Every drop-down list in the system (e.g. Country) can now be expanded into a bigger popup window, where you can make your selections easier and add them to the main record.


The new update will be available at the end of May/beginning of June, and we will be holding several webinars in the weeks following the upcoming INTA conference to demonstrate the new features and to give you the opportunity to ask us questions or get clarification.

Please keep one eye on your inbox for details of these sessions and remember that we will be holed up at booth #500 at the INTA exhibition hall – so please come along to see us if you’re in Hong Kong!


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